Why Your Office Needs High Rise Window Cleaning

Ever wondered how skyscrapers manage to stay clean and sparkling? High rise cleaning keeps the building looking presentable. This is not your usual sponge and bucket operation. Cleaning windows in high places require special equipment and people who are well trained to work at high heights. High rise windows cleaning is strictly supervised by the authorities to ensure that the cleaners are safe, and also the people on the ground below them.  In other words, you cannot wake up one day and instruct the janitor to include exterior windows on the third floor in his cleaning. You need a proper high rise cleaning service. There are several other good reasons for this.

Removing Dust and Dirt

If your office is at a height above wind blockers on the ground like trees or other buildings, it is very likely that it is usually on the receiving end of winds. This means that it acts as a stopper to whatever the wind is carrying. This includes dust, pebbles, leaves, paper litter and even old clothes. Dust will stick to the windows while the others drop away.  If it rains shortly after, your windows will be left with very ugly streaks.  You will need proper cleaning using detergents to clean away this mess.  A high rise cleaning service can clear these ugly streaks.

Clearing The Gutter

As seen above, the wind carries a lot of debris. Most of this debris falling from the roof will rest in the gutter. Over time, the gutters become clogged which hinders the flow of rainwater and ice melt. This could lead to serious problems for the roof including rotting and leakage as the water dams up behind the debris.  A high rise cleaning service will handle this properly as they are cleaning windows in the high places in the dormer and the attic.

Zoning Regulations 

Many cities have a code regulating how buildings should look like. A shabby building could attract negative attention from the authorities. Cleaning your windows keeps your building looking well-kept and maintained keeping you in the clear.

Appearance & Appealing Nature

You cannot claim to offer top notch services while your windows are dirty. Image matters a lot for many potential customers. If they see your windows are poorly maintained, they will unconsciously have doubts about your ability to handle more complex stuff like their needs.

Lower Costs Than Doing It Yourself

High rise cleaning at reasonable intervals prevents a scenario where you would have to repaint or do an overhaul because of the gummed up dirt reducing the possibility of incurring unnecessary costs.

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