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While you can keep the interior of your home clean and neat, the exterior of your property is what people will see first, and first impressions count.  Whether you’re looking at cleaning up years of grease and oil build up on your driveway, getting rid of years of mould on your walls or simply improving the overall aesthetic appeal of your home, high pressure cleaning is a safe and very effective surface washing technique.

If you’re considering selling your property, having all outside areas pressured cleaned can also make a huge difference to the look of your property, and real estate agents agree that having a sparkling clean exterior can add thousands to the value of your home.

Off Your Wall are Melbourne’s most trusted high pressure cleaners, with years of experience in providing exceptional washing service for all types of residential properties, including freestanding houses, townhouses, units and apartments.   Contact us and speak to one of our friendly staff about your high pressure cleaning job.

What surfaces can we pressure clean?

Because professional high pressure cleaning is a safe way of cleaning surfaces, almost anything around your property can be cleaned using this method.  Our techniques allow for precision washing, and we are able to remove all types of dirt, grease, mould, moss and lichen, as well as graffiti quickly and efficiently.

Pressure cleaning can be used to bring a range of materials back to their original appearance, including:


Driveways often end up being one of the dirtiest surfaces around a home, simply because of the amount of use they get, and the oil, grime and petrol that can accumulate over the years.  This can leave them not only looking bad, but being slippery and dangerous in wet weather.  Most driveways are made out of concrete, stone or tiles, and high pressure cleaning will bring them back to brand new.  If you have concrete driveways or even pathways, getting them regularly cleaned can actually prolong their service life.

Outdoor timber structures

People often forget that timber can be pressured cleaned very successfully, often bringing even the most weathered or dirty wood back to its original form.  Timber, especially located in damp areas, can developed mould, lichen and other growths, giving them an aged appearance.  Properly controlled pressure cleaning will gently remove this material, leaving the wood intact.

Bricks, pavers and tiles

Brick and tile areas – whether they are on the ground or on a wall – can become very grimy over time, especially if they’re in areas of high traffic, or in an entertaining area or where there is a BBQ.  Bricks or tiles that are covered in moss or dirt can be dangerous to walk on, especially in wet weather.  Having these areas thoroughly cleaned by a high pressure wash is recommended at least annually to keep them looking fresh and clean, as well as reduce any slipping hazards.

Walls and graffiti

Nothing brings down the aesthetic appeal of a home more than unsightly graffiti on the walls.  Not every surface will be the same when it comes to trying to remove graffiti, and pressure cleaning can often be the most effective way of ensuring it is removed completely.

Why should I choose a professional pressure cleaner?

Faced with dirty surfaces around your property, you may be tempted to go and buy or rent a high pressure washer and clean it yourself.  Unfortunately this can often end in disaster with the area looking worse than before.  This is because without proper training in high pressure techniques, or even without knowing how to use the machine properly, you might find you’re only cleaning part of the area effectively.

This is sometimes known as ‘striping’ where there has been uneven pressure applied during the cleaning job.  Even worse, you might find that you use the machine on surfaces that are not suitable for pressure cleaning, causing damage to materials such as soft timber or removing tile grout altogether.   You should also keep in mind that cleaning areas such as the fascia or guttering without really using proper industry techniques can also cause water to get in under the roofing structure, causing leaks internally.

Ready to work with Off Your Wall?

Our professional team of pressure cleaners are trained in the latest high pressure techniques, and we will always use the right type of pressure for the material we’re working on.  The pressure cleaning process can be a messy one, especially if there is a lot of dirt or other material on the surfaces, and we’ll ensure that we don’t leave you with a mess to clean up at the end of the job.  Instead we’ll clean away and remove any debris that might collect while we work.

Choosing Off Your Wall for all your high pressure cleaning work around your home means that:

  • You’ll receive prompt, friendly service, each and every time you use us
  • Our workmanship will be second to none. We are dedicated to giving you 100% satisfaction with our work
  • We’ll take care of all aspects of the job, from preparing the area to be cleaned, to removing any rubbish made while we work
  • You’ll get the latest in industry techniques and our machinery is high tech
  • We’ll try to minimise any disruption to you and any other occupants of the property
  • We’ll give you a free building report
  • We’re available in suburbs right across Melbourne

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