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Commercial window cleaning can be a complex task and should be performed by a professional with both a strong commitment to safety and a sharp eye for detail.  Off Your Wall provides the most effective and efficient abseiling window cleaning service in Melbourne, and we strive to exceed your expectations with every job – we clean the windows that other companies cannot.

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High quality, professional commercial window cleaning services

First impressions are everything, so when your staff and customers enter your business it’s important your windows and overall ambience properly reflects the level of excellence you wish to portray. Not taking care of the basics like the state of your windows can give a bad impression and hinder any growth of your business.

Due to the years of industry experience, our professional and friendly staff can make sure that the first impression a customer gets when they first enter your premises is one of the highest standard.  Our team works efficiently at all times, while causing as little disruption to your business as possible.  We work on a variety of buildings including, multi-storey businesses, factories, retails complexes, office blocks and display homes. Rest assured we can handle any type of job, no matter how difficult or challenging.

High rise industrial rope access window cleaning specialists

Buildings of a larger size can be more complicated to keep clean. High-rise window cleaning is one of those jobs that often gets put off because of the inconvenience and level of difficulty, but it doesn’t have to be an inconvenience.

Off Your Wall are industrial rope access specialists in Melbourne, we’ve got the equipment, the professionals and the know-how to easily take on any high window cleaning job.  We are experts in commercial and high-rise window cleaning, with the ability to access even the most hard-to-reach areas on the side of your building that others can’t, by using our industrial abseiling techniques.

Our team has an eye for detail and a great work ethic. We will ensure that there are no streaks to be seen, and by the time we’re finished the job even the most difficult access areas will be looking their best.

  • We’re professionals with over 10 years experience
  • We are fully equipped with the latest gear to ensure fast, safe and efficient work
  • No streaks, no stains – just clean clear glass, everytime
  • We work in strict accordance with all Australian height and safety standards
  • Fully insureed
  • Safety is our no.1 priority

Using all of our experience and rope access techniques, for easy and safe abseiling, we make your life a lot easier by eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming scaffolding or other equipment. We have an impeccable safety record when it comes to washing high-rise windows, for buildings of all shapes and sizes.  When you work with Off Your Wall we make it a point to go the extra mile on jobs large and small, and aim to deliver exceptional results every time.  Our team is made up of experienced, certified rope access professionals with years of experience working at heights and safety.

How often should your windows be cleaned?

There’s nothing worse than walking into a commercial building with dirty windows, and a generally untidy environment – it simply gives customers and staff the impression that high standards are not important to the business owner. The best way to ensure your windows reflect your level of professionalism and the quality of your service is to have a regular commercial window cleaning system in place.  Obviously each business is unique in their size and needs but there are some guidelines to help you determine a suitable system for your commercial property.  Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • The location of your premises:  If your building is on a busy road, especially a highway, your windows are going to get dirty often and will need frequent cleaning
  • Building structure:  Unusual buildings with features such as inset windows will attract more dust than standard buildings and will need cleaning more often
  • Weather: your windows will need cleaning more during times of heavy rain and colder seasons
  • Pedestrian Traffic: The number of people coming in and out of your premises and the size of your building will impact the amount the cleaning your windows will need
  • Business type:  Establishments such as restaurants and retail stores should be cleaned by a professional commercial window cleaner every two weeks, whereas smaller premises with less foot traffic may only require a major clean in and out, every eight to ten weeks.

Whatever your commercial window cleaning needs, our team at Off Your Wall will take care of them.

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When you choose Off Your Wall, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that:

  • We’ll arrive on time, fitting in with your schedule to make the experience as smooth as possible
  • Each team member will be wearing neat and clean uniforms
  • All our staff are friendly, polite and professional at all times
  • They’ll always bring the correct tools and equipment to get your job efficiently
  • We can provide a one-off commercial window clean, or put a regular system in place
  • We can service all areas of Melbourne.

Let us work with you to ensure your business gives the best possible first impression to visitors and employees, with streak-free, sparkling windows.  Contact our cleaning experts at Off Your Wall for more information about our commercial window cleaning services.