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The outward appearance of a building is an often-overlooked aspect of the value of that business or home. Natural elements, such as weather, can play havoc on the paint job or structure of a building, leaving the aspect dingy, streaked or chipped. While this is an eye-sore, it can also leave your building exposed to structural damage. The paint, caulking and coating of a building adds a layer of protection against the elements, helping to maintain the life of your building.

This easily neglected form of maintenance can be an essential aspect of appeal as well as performance for the structure. If your building has seen better days, you can easily remedy that by contacting professionals to inspect and re-paint. You will want experts who can advise you to the best paint, caulk or coating to increase the value and life of your building.

Dedicated professionals have vast experience in determining the best materials for any job and will be able to put that experience to work for you. While painting can be done individually, it is in the best interest of your building’s maintenance to rely on technicians trained in the best practices and equipment for getting the job done.

The use of a professional to paint your building decreases your liability, as a professional will be trained in the best safety procedures and will be fully insured, removing this concern from your mind. A professional will also have access to the best equipment to ensure the job is done efficiently. Instead of spending hours or days researching the best methods, equipment and materials, using a professional will save you time and money.

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Whether your building needs a touch-up or full-scale painting services, Off Your Wall can take care of it for you. Melbourne can depend on our services to take care of all your commercial or residential building needs. Our fully trained technicians will work with you to get the paint services you need. Our services include:

  • A full building inspection prior to painting to determine the needs and ensure safety of the structure.
  • Consultation with experts about the desired colour scheme and necessary materials to ensure quality of the services provided. This includes paint, caulking materials and best coating to protect your paint job.
  • A dedication to safety regulations. Our certified staff are fully insured and knowledgeable in all safety regulations and standards. We use the best techniques to ensure that all safety measures are maintained and participate in regular training to maintain up-to-date measures and techniques.
  • Our rope access techniques allow us to reach any area. This means we can do the job no matter how large or small.
  • We offer follow-up recommendations and reports to ensure you fully understand your building needs and are equipped to deal with all maintenance needs.

At Off Your Wall, we are dedicated to taking care of all your painting or maintenance needs. We come fully equipped to take care of the job, so you don’t have to worry about delays and interruptions. We will work with you to advise and consult on the best colour scheme to fit in with your surroundings, and our experts will evaluate your building needs to choose the best materials to protect your investment.

We understand the need to increase street appeal, to fit in with your surroundings, to protect against weather and other elemental damage and to increase the value of your building.

Our technicians will closely inspect your building to make sure we are taking care of all your needs, providing advice and recommendations to further protect your building needs. We offer a free, no obligation quote, and we are ready to sit down with you and work out a plan that will fit your schedule and budget needs.


Off Your Wall has been in business for over ten years, offering excellent customer service and professional maintenance of Melbourne’s commercial and residential buildings. If you are ready to join the list of satisfied customers, we are here for you. Off Your Wall is dedicated to the needs of our customers.

We provide:

  • A friendly knowledgeable staff dedicated to you. We work with you to ensure that your financial and time needs are met. We make sure you are informed at every step of the process so there are no surprises.
  • A fully certified, regularly trained pool of technicians able to assess your needs and provide the best advice and service available. We maintain the best, most effective techniques and equipment to ensure we can effectively meet your needs.
  • A track-record of serving the needs of Melbourne and a 100% guarantee on our services.
  • A dedication to maintaining all safety standards and regulations.
  • A wide range of commercial and residential painting and other service options. With our proven rope access techniques, we can take care of your needs no matter what the access point is.
  • You will receive a free easy to read report after all services have been completed allowing you to see what has been done and what recommendations our technicians have for further repairs or maintenance.

Our expert technicians are ready to help you with your painting, caulking, or other repair and maintenance needs. Contact Off Your Wall today for a free, no obligation quote.