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Off Your Wall are Melbourne’s most trusted commercial facade cleaners, with years of experience in providing an exceptional facade cleaning service for all types of commercial properties, including high-rise buildings, shopping centres, hotels, factories and smaller office blocks.   Contact us today and speak to one of our friendly staff about your next façade cleaning job.

Professional abseiling facade cleaning services

A worn-out, neglected looking building doesn’t give the best impression of your business when potential customers approach you for the first time. When people come in contact with your premises you want them to see it as a reflection of what your company represents inside your building.  As the saying goes ‘you only get one chance to make a good first impression’, so make it count by ensuring the facade of your building is clean and well-maintained.

The various types of stain and contamination damage on neglected facades include:

  • Dust which can be anything from small particles of material, to pollen, sand or soil. These can be the result of wind, cars or construction work. Dust settles on the surface evenly, but after rain or high moisture days it appears in dirty run-offs under ledges, windows, and frames. It also ruins the original color of the exterior
  • Air pollution resulting in a thin layer of dirt and grime on the exterior surfaces of buildings. Air pollution can be caused by car exhausts in heavy traffic areas or from soot from factories in industrial areas
  • Oxidation or Corrosion: This can occur on all types of metal surfaces and stainless steel, resulting in ugly rust stains. This is very common in areas exposed to the heavy salt air
  • Efflorescence occurs when water penetrates a porous material, such as brick or limestone, and then it dissolves salt in construction materials (cement, mortar). As it evaporates, it leaves the salt on a surface of your building.

Keeping your building exterior free from dust and air pollution damage may not only save you from losing potential customers but can also prevent expensive damage repairs to your building’s facade.  If left neglected for long enough, the dust and pollution can cause irremovable staining and significantly restrict the flow of moisture – causing mould.  This can negatively impact on the structural material and significantly hurt your back pocket.  Our team at Off Your Wall can perform a periodic facade cleaning service so you can avoid the stress of potential structural and mould damage to your property.

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Experts in commercial facade cleaning

The experts at Off Your Wall have experience with removing all types of staining and contamination and are equipped to tackle even the most persistent exterior facade cleaning jobs.  Our top priority is to provide the most premiere service by combining our knowledge and expertise with the most current techniques in the field. We’ll utilize time and resources efficiently that leaves you with an excellent result and at an affordable cost.

We clean every type of building facade material using only the best equipment, staff and techniques.  On arrival we’ll first inspect your building for any major issues, then using our high-tech equipment we’ll get straight onto cleaning your façade and leave your building looking as good as new.

We’ll also provide you with a free building report, which will document any issues we may have noticed during the job. Most people do not notice issues with the exterior of their building (especially in those hard to reach areas) until it’s too late, however by having a maintaining system in place, issues are easier to identify and address before developing into more severe and costly expense.

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Our professional team of commercial cleaners are trained in the latest facade cleaning techniques, and place excellence and safety at the top of our priorities. The facade cleaning process can be complex and messy, and we guarantee not to leave our mess behind or cause any unnecessary disruption to those in the vicinity of the job.

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  • Fully insured – Rest easy knowing we are fully covered for work-cover and public liability
  • Safety is our No.1 priority – Your property, your staff and our well being is our number one priority on every single job site we operate
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  • Job satisfaction – Our workmanship is to the highest standard. We get the job done without delays, on time, every time
  • Punctuality – We show up when we say we will. We don’t leave our customers waiting
  • Free building reports – On every routine visit we will provide you with a free building report

Our aim is to exceed your expectations each and every time you use us.  Our staff are qualified and dedicated to providing the very best workmanship, regardless of the job. Let us work with you to ensure your business gives the best possible first impression to visitors and employees, by taking care of your cleaning and maintenance needs.  Contact our experts at Off Your Wall for more information about our quality facade cleaning service.