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Caulking protects the integrity and physical structure of your business and must be kept in pristine condition if you seek 100% customer and employee satisfaction. Corporate, industrial & commercial caulking repairs.

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The last thing you want from your employees or customers are any complaints and you can avoid this by taking pride in the structural foundations of your business. Whether it’s your windows, flooring, brickwork or your balconies, you want to make sure they are completely sealed off and protected from any further damage in the future. Caulking protects the integrity and physical structure of your business and must be kept in pristine condition if you seek 100% customer and employee satisfaction.

With the wide range of surfaces in your businesses in need of caulking it can be overwhelming to know where to even start. Off Your Wall’s many years of experience will set your mind at ease and you can feel confident we’ll cover all bases so that no surface of your business is left unprotected.


No business owner wants things in their place of business to start falling apart and why should you be any different. Off Your Wall will fix and prevent any cracks and leaks occurring in places like your windows, ceilings and bathrooms, which will ensure rot and mould don’t come through them and spoil the clean image of your business. Not only that, the sleek finish our caulking provides adds to the overall aesthetic of your place of business. If you want your business to thrive and be the best it can be, what better way than providing those who work in it with a building that is structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing and guaranteed to last.

 With significant industry experience, our polite and competent staff will make leaky ceilings, drafty windows, and cracked floorboards a thing of the past. After you call us, our team will move in quickly and carefully, taking care not to disturb your staff or customers as they go about their daily tasks. You won’t really notice us while we’re there but when we’ve finished you’ll notice the difference our caulking process has made across all areas of your business.

Whoever walks into your business next will surely recognise your commitment to excellence and the high standard you hold yourself to.


When dealing with high-rise buildings it’s often tricky to reach all the available surfaces. The difficulty of any task doesn’t stop Off Your Wall from getting it done. In fact, we’ve become rope access specialists and this is reflected in our high-quality equipment, professionalism and high standard of occupational health and safety when it comes to working on high-rise buildings—or any building for that matter.

Our team have been trained in rope access methods and industrial abseiling techniques to reach those hard places no one else can. We will ensure that all your surfaces, including your windows, are sealed and protected—no matter how high up they may be. With great attention to detail and a superior work ethic, our team will leave your building with surfaces that are smoother and safer, less prone to falling apart, and provide a clean, modern aesthetic.


You can be assured that we use quality materials that are designed to last and generally you should only have to review your caulking every 10-20 years. However, this is only an estimate because there isn’t an exact duration of years caulking holds for. Factors such as sun exposure, general wear and tear and climate all influence the life of the caulking that has been put in place.

Without extensive experience in caulking yourself, it can be difficult to work out when it is due for a replacement. When you book the job with us, we will set up a time for review and after a first inspection, advise you on what must be replaced now.

Generally speaking, caulking should be replaced if you experience any of the following:

  • For example, if the seal on a window has cracked or diminished over time you will need to look into replacing it.
  • Loose panes. If your window panes are able to be moved that’s a sign of a poor caulking installation or that the caulking’s use has expired and has a warped shape.
  • Loose caulking. If you find bits of caulking under windows or in bathrooms, that’s a sign that the caulking is too old and needs replacing. Even if you cannot see where the pieces have come from, the integrity of the structure will be weakened and caulking needs to be removed and reapplied.
  • Damaged frames. If you find a window frame has become warped or damage by water, this is usually because the caulking has failed to stop the water seeping into the wood.

If you think that your caulking needs to be replaced, contact us today.


Don’t let those cracks and leaks hold you back. Start owning a business that’s clean, comfortable and built to last. When you use Off Your Wall you’ll be working with a team that is:

  • Highly experienced and professional
  • Fast and efficient
  • Knowledgeable and innovative
  • Committed to excellence
  • Quality and results-driven
  • Dedicated and thorough

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