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Why A Dirty Office Is Hurting Your Business – And How To Fix It!

Posted 29 Aug by

Did you know that leaving your office dirty is harming your business more than you know? Your employees spend more than 80% of their time in your office, and your customers make instant judgments when they walk in. If your office is dirty, you are going to see a drop in productivity, time and money.

That is why it essential that you look towards keeping your office – both the interior and the exterior – clean at all times. The benefits will be huge if you do. You will notice a boom in productivity, a jump in employee happiness and more importantly, a boost in sales. How can this happen? Continue reading this blog to find out…

It Motivates Your Employees

Creating a healthy and clean environment for your employees will see them contribute more to the business. Studies have shown that employees that are happy with the environment of their office, work harder and produce higher levels of productivity. Keeping your office clean will be part of that. A healthy workplace will see your employees want to stay and do their jobs, so you have to ensure that your office is sparkling for your team.

It Gives A Great Impression To Your Clients 

The difference between employees and clients is that while your team might be able to endure your workplace, your clients don’t have to. Worse, they make first impressions before you get the chance to make a sales pitch. But if your office is clean, sharp looking, then your clients and future customers are going to be impressed when they walk in. And that is what you want.

Another difference too is that clients just don’t judge the inside of your office, but the outside. Having dirty windows might seem like nothing, but it gives a poor impression that you don’t care about your business.

How Do You Solve This Problem? 

When your office is dirty, you are risking productivity, time and money dropping. There is only one way to address the problem: cleaning it. Yes, you can do it yourself, but would you want to spend company time cleaning windows, washing floors and removing rubbish? No, you don’t. So save your time and money by reaching out to a professional office cleaner. You can book weekly, fortnightly, monthly sessions or just a one-off appointment, so your office always maintains its clean and slick look. This also applies to the exterior of your building. Having clean windows, a clean roof and curb appeal will reach out to your customers that you care about your business and you’re successful. Book in an appointment with a professional team to make your life easier.

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