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How Often Should a Strata Complex Have The External Windows Cleaned?

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Strata Manager, Sharon asks

“I manage a large apartment block consisting of 29 units in Coburg and wanted to ask, how often we should arrange to have our external windows cleaned?”


How often you should have your windows cleaned is dependent upon a number of factors. The type of property, as well as its location can both come into play. However in most cases, we generally recommend a twice-a-year cleaning service.

Having your windows cleaned at least every six months ensures the glass is well maintained and doesn’t become stained.

Maintaining commercial buildings

We highly encourage our corporate clients to have their windows cleaned more frequently. In particular, for densely populated areas, where there’s a lot of traffic as glass can become stained due to vehicle traffic, dirt and the elements combined.

General dirt and dust is unavoidable, but this can be managed with regular maintenance. Once stains make their way to the surface, the cleaning process becomes much more involved which results in the job costing more. With windows that are heavily stained, we would usually need to use a heavy duty cleaner with a cutting compound, which is three to four times more expensive than regular cleaning.

The actual facade of the building is also a factor to be considered. Any overhanging sections can result in unwanted water flow over exposed windows which can (over time) lead to further staining. It should be noted that dirty water that runs from the sill will eventually etch into the paint itself, and onto the building. When this happens, a full pressure wash is usually required, and in some cases a complete repainting of the building altogether.

In line with regular window maintenance, we also usually suggest that customers clean the actual building itself, as part of their maintenance routine. Ideally, you’d want to get the windows cleaned twice a year, and wash the building at least once a year, especially with those with newly-painted walls.

Location matters

The location of the building is another important factor that we consider when evaluating a window cleaning job, as there are types of surfaces that attract more staining than others.

If the building, for instance, is located near or right on the beach, there is a tendency for the salt to stain the glass, and eventually make its way into the paint.

Both buildings near the beach and those that are located in busy cities are both likely to stain heavily, but buildings near the beach have a bigger tendency to get dirty faster because of the salt compounds and sand in the air. Inner city buildings also stain due to dioxide from pollution, but this is not as damaging to the facade, and has less staining.

We usually recommend that properties along the beach or waterways have their windows cleaned at least three times a year, and invest towards pressure washing too.

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