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How Much Does High Rise Window Cleaning Cost?

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There are a number of factors that come into play when quoting on a high rise window cleaning job.

The type of building, accessibility, the weather, height of the structure and so forth.

The main factor however is how much work our team can get done in a typical working day. Our day rates are typically around $85 per person, with a minumum of 2 people working at any given time (crews must work in pairs for safety reasons). High rise buildings usually involve crews of 3, which equates to roughly $1,200 minimum for a standard day of seven and a half hours.

Rates and building types

Rates vary for different building types.

The higher the building, the more expensive the rate becomes. The difference for a 20-story building, as opposed to a three-story office block, for instance, won’t be the same. This is due simply to the additional safety processes and work involved.

Weather is also a factor that contributes towards cost. When cleaning windows, we always work from the top-down so that previously cleaned windows aren’t left dirty. We also need to consider which way the wind is travelling which of course determines which face of the building we work on, and in which direction. All of this takes time, especially when having to rig up and move around the building safely.

Speed is another factor to be considered when costing. When working at height we can’t simply rush a job through. It’s essential that we take our time and ensure all tie downs and anchor points are secure, equipment is secure and no one is at risk of injury. We also need to take into account how long it’s going to take between each drop when moving to the next level.

For jobs that are less than seven hours, we do a minimum charge of two workers for three hours—two men at three hours minimum at $90 per hour. Every hour after this, is billed at $85 per worker.

The quoting process

Unlike a lot of other services, there’s no fixed rate pricing for high rise window cleaning. That’s simply because every building is unique in it’s own way. A visual inspection is always necessary before being able to provide an accurate quote.

The inspection allows us to check for things such as general access, anchor points, equipment, and so forth. In addition we need to ensure that all anchor points have been tested and certified.

We then evaluate the actual job that needs to be done, and work out a pricing estimation.

A simple equation might be (for examples sake) approximately five minutes to clean two windows on every floor. We factor in things like the number of windows, how many levels, and roughly how much we can actually get done in a day. Then we simply multiply that by how many days it would take to clean.

Again, every building is different, so it’s always best to simply give us a call and we’ll come out and inspect and provide you with a free quote.

Maintenance work and odd hours

The cost will usually always be less for well maintained buildings.

If we’re cleaning windows that are well maintained and have been cleaned within a 6 month period, then there’s going to be a lot less work involved as opposed to a neglected building that requires a lot of work. We always recommend 6 monthly cleans for high rise windows, which can reduce the rates considerably.

Another thing to note is that if we’re called back to a building we’ve cleaned windows for previously, because we’re already familiar with the building itself, access and anchor points, it’s going to be a much easier process, and one that we’ll be able to get through more efficiently.

Occasionally there might be jobs that cost more.

For instance, if we’re requested to perform the job at night because there’s too much pedestrian traffic or busy cafes below where we’ll be working. This rarely happens, however. Most of the time, the rate stays the same.

Ready to work with us?

Our payment terms are seven days upon completion of the work. If you’re ready to talk to us about costing of cleaning or maintenance, or would like to learn more about our services, give us a call and we’ll schedule a site visit.

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