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How Long Does Commercial Window Cleaning Take?

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Body Corporate Manager, Kevin asks

“How long does commercial window cleaning take? We’re in a fairly large block of apartments with hundreds of external windows. One company said it would take at least a week, is that right?”


When it comes to how long a job might take, it’s often difficult for us to know, until of course we perform a visual inspection of the building itself. For bigger jobs obviously, it comes down to us assigning more man power. The simple rule of thumb is this – the bigger the crew, the faster the job will get done.

However there’s usually a bit more to it than that.

What you need to know is that there’s a number of contributing factors that we need to take into account before being able to give any sort of accurate guesstimate on timeframes.

For apartment buildings, say 2 or 3 levels, jobs like this may only take a day or two. But again it depends on the nature of the building, and accessibility. For example, anchor points.

Anchor points are required by law for reasons of safety. In order for us to perform the work safely, without injury to not only ourselves but occupants of the building and pedestrians below, we need to “tie off” on anchor points. Of course, the more anchors points there are, the quicker our team can rig up and move around, and the faster the process will be.

If there are however limited number of anchor points, this can cause delays as we might need to look at alternative access points.

Another contributing factor of course is the weather.

Obviously we can’t perform any type of building maintenance, cleaning or repairs during bad weather or storms, so that can cause delays. Also, buildings in high wind areas may also lead to jobs taking longer, simply for safety reasons. Again, ensuring our own safety, ensuring equipment isn’t blown or dislodged in any way and of course ensuring the safety of others.

You might be surprised to know that sometimes working on high rise buildings is often less windy to smaller office blocks as they can be protected from the wind by surrounding buildings.

In addition to this, the type of windows themselves can play a huge part of how long the job might take.

For instance, louvered windows or windows composed of parallel glass blinds or shutters take longer to clean simply because of their makeup. Many buildings also don’t always have a parapet, which is a protective extension of wall along the edge of a building where one can safely stand and look over the edge. Buildings without this feature take longer as there’s greater risks involved.

Another point that many building managers often overlook is the amount of time it might take to physically carry all of our equipment to the top level. This can be further problematic in buildings where access cards are required. Having to share, or request access cards or keys can often cause further delays.

Final point is the condition of the glass. Buildings that have been neglected for lengthy periods of time take longer simply because there’s more work involved.  When performing the initial inspection of a job, we evaluate if there’s a need to deep-clean the windows, as opposed to a regular maintenance clean, which is suitable for minor stains and dirt like bug marks and cobwebs.

Badly stained glass on the other hand, may require a much longer process of using a cutting compound to scrub the windows and remove the dirt.

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