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Case Study – Officeworks Graffiti Removal Kew Melbourne

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Customer name – Officeworks

Suburb – Kew, Melbourne, Victoria

Property Type – Multiple storey building

Property Description – This Officeworks store is part of a complex housing multiple stores in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs.

Reason for call-out – The Officeworks signage, which was bonded to the top of the complex building, had been tagged by graffiti vandals.

Initial assessment – We were called to the retail complex in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs to inspect the building. The building façade featured the logos of a few retailers, but unfortunately, Officeworks had been singled out, and only their sign had been tagged by vandals. The client wanted us to paint over the sign, but we discovered it was made of vinyl, so a repaint was out of the question. If you just paint over the area that is sprayed, it’s going to stand out because you can’t get a colour match with a sign that has faded a bit over time. Instead, we recommended we remove the spray paint using specialised products. It’s not something they had thought about, but they were open to it, and we were confident this was the best solution for them.

Description of work performed – The damaged sign was on the third floor of the complex, so it was quite a challenge to access. We checked the roof for anchor points, but there wasn’t anything suitable, so we had to install another temporary anchorage. This saved the client the expense of installing a rope-access system for a one-off job, however, so it was a good call.

The Officeworks sign was made of vinyl stretched on canvas, so we had to be careful that the graffiti removal product we used didn’t affect the blue dye of the logo while it was removing the spray paint. We sprayed on the chemical to the spray-painted area and left it on the sign for about 10 minutes. We then scrubbed off the graffiti using wet rags.

Areas of property treated – The Officeworks signage on the external façade of the third floor was treated with graffiti removal spray and then scrubbed off by hand using rags and water.

Considerations – The spray paint and the product we use is toxic, so we had to make sure the public wasn’t exposed to any of it, or falling items, while we were working on site. We created an exclusion zone below us, which covered the main entrance to the building. We also made sure we had signage up alerting the public to the works above, and a spotter to warn them and direct them to a different entrance.

Preventative recommendations – Graffiti taggers are generally teenagers, just fooling about. The problem is they hop the fence and then access the building, putting their lives at risk. While you want to deter them from spraying graffiti, you also don’t want anyone falling off the building. We chatted with the client about looking at how they could improve the safety aspects of the building to prevent tragedies from occurring if anyone accessed the complex. Locking the rooftop car park after hours, or putting fencing up, are both easy solutions we proposed.

Customer feedback/thoughts – The client was pleased with the solution we offered them, which was effective and affordable, and enabled them to avoid repainting the sign. We removed the spray paint damage without causing the blue dye of the sign to fade.

Duration – In total, the job took us two hours to complete, using a three-person team.

Summary – We were happy we could offer Officeworks a cost-effective solution to remove the graffiti damage from their signage. The graffiti was removed without affecting the dye of the vinyl signage. Melbourne properties are always at risk of being hit with graffiti, so it’s important to look at how we can help the client prevent future tagging too.

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