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Case Study – Lido Cinema Hawthorn Signage & Facade Painting

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Customer name – Ross Gooding

Suburb – Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria

Property Type – Two-storey building

Property Description – The Lido Cinema is housed in a two-storey, heritage-listed building that fronts a busy high street.

Reason for call-out – Lido Cinemas requested we repaint the façade of the building and install new signage, which was made up of words quoted from a film they were promoting.

Initial assessment  –  As the building was painted white, we made the recommendation to pressure wash the external walls first to remove debris and dirt before repainting them with black paint. The building also had a dozen windows facing the street on the first floor, which needed to be repainted also. Due to the age of the building we needed to ensure there was a system for rope access. We also needed to check for power line clearance as we can only come within three metres of any cabling or electrical wires as part of safety regulations. The signage was quite large – at 30 metres long, so we had to check access to ensure that everyone remained safe during the installation.

Description of work performed – The building has a rooftop cinema, and this allowed easy access, which is where we were able to rig up our safety gear. The building had a strong steel structure already, which was able to hold the load, so we didn’t need to install any further anchors.

First, we pressure washed the outside concrete walls of the building in preparation for paint. We went from one side of the building to the other using the high pressure washer to get rid of all the dirt, grime, algae build-up, moss and other debris which had accumulated over time. For jobs like this good preparation is vital.

For the first phase, cut in using hand brushes around the actual Lido signage and around the window frames. By hand brushing the detailed areas first, you can save time when it comes to rolling the walls because you don’t need to constantly swap out tools. This is referred to within the painting industry as ‘cutting in’. It’s about ensuring neatness and efficiency. We then painted the first coat, followed with three thick layers of matte black paint on the entire façade.

Once the paint was dry, we began work on the signage. A professional signwriter supplied us with the template, which was a three-metre by three-metre sheet of material that had been digitally printed. We abseiled down with the letter template and screwed it into the wall using tappets.

Using the template, we then applied the corresponding laser cut plastic letters we’d been given. Once the template had been filled with all the letters, we left it for a few days to make sure it was fully dry, and the plastic letters were stuck to the wall. All we needed to do them was abseil back down and remove the template, leaving the signage correctly spaced and aligned on the wall.

Areas of property treated –. The front façade of the building.

Considerations – The building was heritage listed, so we had to make sure we didn’t alter the façade permanently in any way, apart from repainting it and installing the temporary signage.

Preventative recommendations – We always recommend clients have their walls pressure washed annually to keep the façade looking good, and to keep the paint warranty valid. It’s definitely worthwhile discussing paint options with us before we quote. When painting we use high quality products which include a paint warranty – usually of up to 10 years.

Customer feedback/thoughts – The client was very pleased with the quality of our work. Once we had repainted the building and installed the signage, he asked us to take a look at the existing Lido signage that needed attention. For that, we used spray guns on the steel signs, and they came out looking incredible.

Duration – It took a team of two, two full days to pressure wash the building. In total, with cleaning, preparation, and painting, the job was finished in three weeks.  

Summary  – The Lido Cinema was repainted black, and plastic lettering was placed on the walls as part of a movie promotion. The client also commissioned us to remove the signage when the campaign was finished.

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