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Case Study – High Rise Pressure Clean Centurion Building, Southbank, Melbourne

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Customer name – The Centurion building, Southbank, Melbourne

Property type – High rise residential building.

Property Description – 35-floor concrete building, close to the Melbourne CBD.

Reason for call-out – The Centurion is over a decade old, and because it is located next to the freeway, the white concrete façade had become discoloured to a grey shade. We were called to assess the building to quote on pressure cleaning it to brighten its appearance.

Initial assessment – We needed to assess the height and structure of the building to calculate how many metres of hosing was needed to pressure clean the exterior. Because the building had been left exposed to grime and pollution for so long, with no cleaning, we were also unsure if our work would have the desired impact. We proposed that we pressure clean one of the worst affected areas as a trial to exhibit the results we could achieve.

The client agreed to this, and we sent our abseil team halfway down the building to work on a section of about four meter, right in the middle of the building. Part of the trial process was to test if the pressure on the tap of the building on the roof was adequate. This would help us determine how efficient our pressure cleaning equipment would be and how long the job would take, to provide the client with an accurate quote. Our pressure clean trial gave good results, and we were able to proceed with a quote, which the client accepted.

Description of work performed – We performed a full façade clean on the high rise building, using pressure washing equipment. We first sprayed the façade with a bleaching chemical designed to break up the grime on the surface. After preparing the surface, we pressure cleaned the facade.

Areas of property – We pressure cleaned the external facade of all the floors of the 35-storey building, including balconies, balcony ceilings, balcony floors, rails and all external elements. The balcony windows were also washed.

Considerations – When we work on a residential property, we take extra precautions to ensure the chemicals and equipment we use are safe for the inhabitants of the building. We had to take care of where we used bleach, as many of the balconies had pot plants that could be affected. We ensured that windows and doors were closed to protect tenants and their pets.

Work was limited to days when the wind was not too strong, and we installed ‘exclusion zones’ using barricades, bollards, and cones to block off the area below where we were working to prevent the public from walking there.

Preventative recommendations – Having the white concrete walls regularly pressure washed over the past decade would have prevented staining and resulted in pressure washing being more effective. We recommended the client continue to properly maintain the building to prevent deterioration in the future by pressure washing annually.

It’s worth noting that when a building is built or repainted, the contractor will likely have a clause in the warranty stipulating that the building must be washed annually to retain the warranty.

Customer feedback/thoughts – The accumulation of dirt had left the building badly stained, but we were able to achieve a 70 percent improvement, and it appeared several shades brighter. The work meant the client could avoid repainting the entire building, and they were delighted with the results.

Duration – Our team worked on one floor per day, first chemically treating the concrete and then pressure washing it with our industrial strength equipment. This took three weeks. We were only able to have two cleaners on the job at a time, as the water pressure could only tolerate one pressure cleaner at a time, which delayed the work. After this, we washed all the building windows, which took a further week to complete.

Summary With annual pressure cleaning we will be able to achieve a better result each year when we pressure clean the building. So, we look forward to working with this client in the future to achieve the best results.

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