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It’s always easy to spot a well maintained home by looking at how clean and tidy the roof is.  Roofs take the brunt of the elements, including rain, hail and wind, as well as collecting dirt, leaves and other debris, and make up close to 50% of your property’s exterior.  Over time your roof tiles, slate or corrugated iron can develop unsightly lichen or moss patches, making the building look older than it is.  Roofs that are not inspected or maintained regularly can also develop damage such as broken tiles, damaged roofing material, which in turn can cause leaks and structural damage internally.

Help protect and add value to your property by having a regular roof cleaning conducted the Off Your Wall.  We are the roof experts, having been in the industry for many years, and we service all parts of Melbourne.

Common issues that can affect your roof

You may not even realise you have an issue until you notice a leak inside your home, and by then you may require expensive building repairs – or maybe even a full roof replacement – to fix the issue.  Like most maintenance problems around a home,  many common roof issues can be resolved quickly and cheaply as long as they are caught early enough.  Having someone inspecting your roof on a regular basis can pick up a multitude of issues, including:

  • Broken or damaged tiles: while terracotta or slate tiles are one of the hardest wearing materials used on a building, they are susceptible for being damaged or breaking.  This natural weathering process can be exaggerated by harsh weather and especially weather events such as storms or hail.
  • Faulty installation of roof tiles or poor workmanship: nothing can age a building more than poor workmanship on the roof.  This is because badly aligned tiles or issues such as a missing drip edge will look wrong but also cause potential leaking.
  • Lichen and moss: while lichen and moss might look charming on older style properties, it can actually damage the structural integrity of your roof by slowly eating away at roof material.  They tend to grow in damp, shaded areas on a roof.
  • Pooling or ponding water: water pooling in areas on your roof can indicate a serious design issue relating to adequate drainage.  Any still water left on your roof for any period of time can cause issues as it can eat away at roofing material, cause rust and mould problems.

During our roof cleaning, we carefully examine you roof for any of these common problems, and we’ll give you a free report on its overall health once we’re done.

How does roof cleaning work?

Once you have contacted us, we will give you a free, no obligation quote for your roof cleaning job.  This will be based on the general condition and age of the roof, any issues that you think may need to be fixed, its size and slope, as well as whether it is easy to access or whether some parts will require rope work to reach.

It’s often not until you’re on a ladder looking at the whole of your roof that you will be able to spot potential issues and the extent of any wear and tear that will need to be removed.  This is why our first task will be to provide a thorough examination of all parts of your roof.  Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in the detection and diagnosis of roof problems.  Any additional issues we might find during our inspection – for example, if your guttering is blocked, rusted or coming away from the structure at any point, or if there is significant damage to the roof flashing – we will provide you with a free report at the end of the job.  The following is an indication of the steps we might take then to clean your roof:

  • With cement or terracotta tiled roofs, we will ensure that the roof will be waterproof before starting. This may mean replacing broken or damaged tiles and checking the roof flashing.  While it is unlikely that our cleaning process will cause leaks inside the property, we always recommend that someone remains on site just in case it does occur and It can be fixed quickly.
  • In the event that your roof has a lot of moss or lichen, we may need to apply a treatment in the area. This will help loosen and remove any material that may be have formed over time.
  • We will then pressure wash the whole roof using state of the art equipment.
  • The washing process will ensure the entire roof is sparkling clean, including your guttering and downpipes.
  • Depending on its size and complexity, on average it can take between a half a day to a day to fully clean a roof.

At all times we put your safety and that of our staff first, ensuring that we carry out all work in accordance with industry safety standards and using the appropriate safety equipment when necessary.  Many roofs can be tricky or challenging to access, and our experience and know how means we will always be 100% safe at all times.

While other roof cleaning companies may leave it at that, we ensure that your property has been thoroughly cleaned of all roof debris and mud that may have been produced during the high pressure cleaning process.   To keep your roof is tip top condition, we recommend having it cleaned at least every two years, or more regularly if you live in a heavily wooded or damp area.

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